Not only is it my goal to help you figure out what you’re doing, I am going to show you that homemaking isn’t old-fashioned or boring or something to be embarrassed about; I will show you how to bring JOY into your role! Being JOYFUL is one of the keys to rocking your roles as a mama and homemaker and everything on Joyful Homemaker’s Club will help you defeat overwhelm, figure out “how’s” as well as the “why’s” so you can have a home that is full of JOY. I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 19. We got pregnant three months after the wedding. Things have not slowed down for a second. 

I was suddenly thrown into the world of marriage and carrying for my own and the only experience I had living outside of my parents’ house was the 2 months that I lived in the dorms during my 1 year of college (I was not cut out to live in super old, super disgusting dorms so I moved home and Seth actually proposed the day that I moved back home!). I thought I knew what I was doing. I acted like I knew what I was doing. And sometimes I really did know what I was doing.


Not only did I not really know what I was doing as a wife, mom, and homemaker, I didn’t understand WHY the things I was supposed to be doing were important. I didn’t get how it all tied together.

I didn’t understand that packing my husband’s lunch was a way to show him I love him.
I didn’t understand how to make mom friends and I didn’t get just how vital community is to surviving life as a mom.
I didn’t understand that picking up the house before 5pm was a way to show my husband respect.
I didn’t understand how to create routines and why routines could help me be a successful homemaker.

Then one day, after some not so awesome stuff went down, God told me it was time to start really understanding what I was supposed to do as a wife, mama, and homemaker. So I obeyed and I read books, read blog posts, watched videos, talked to other women at church, and ya’ll…

It was a game changer.

I am not even going to try and claim to be perfect. I am FAR from perfect. It’s through God’s grace that I make it through each day with most of my sanity intact. I am going to be real and totally open, sometimes you may say, “TMI!” but I am all about sharing anything and everything that may help another mama so sometimes I’ll talk about things like hemorrhoids and even more serious things like postpartum depression. That’s just who I am. If we got together over gluten-free and dairy-free cupcakes, you’d see that I write exactly how I talk. Ain’t nobody got time for multiple personalities. Want to know a little bit more about me? Keep on scrolling…