The Best Facebook Community for Intentional Women

You may have noticed some major changes here at Little City Adventures. The biggest change being that I switched to Squarespace from Blogger! Keeping up with my customized Blogger page was beginning to take far too much time and I could never create the design that I was looking for. Enter Squarespace. I was able to easily create exactly what I pictured, all on my own. What do you think? 

Along with the new branding, I have a handful of awesome new projects in the works! Some are still secrets (be sure to join my email list to stay up to date!) but I am excited to share my Facebook Community with you!

Healthy, Happy Homes Facebook Community

I'm all about intentionally building healthy and happy homes and building a community around those goals. What better way to accomplish all of that with a rocking Facebook community?! This is a low-key group with the soul purpose of helping one another build healthy and happy homes. I created it with married women, with or without kids in mind. It is a faith-based group so I will periodically share articles or posts with Christian beliefs within and I want it to be a safe space where people can share without feeling bullied. I also have daily threads Monday through Friday to encourage discussion and community!

The Daily Threads

Homemaking Monday: This thread isn't just for stay-at-home-moms! This is where you can share cleaning tips, ask for tips on setting up your home, or anything else related to making a home.

Tasty Tuesday: This might be my favorite thread because I'm sort of obsessed with food. Here you can share your meal plan for the week, ask for dinner ideas from what you have in your pantry, ask a question about cooking or baking, share a kitchen fail...I think you get the idea!

What's Up Wednesday?: This is the "anything goes" thread! Ask a question, share a story, leave a link to an article you loved (or one you wrote (for more information on what promotions I allow, please check the group description)). 

Encouraging Thursday: On Thursdays you can share a Bible verse that has been on your mind recently, a quote you found while perusing Pinterest, or ask for encouragement for yourself!

Frugal Friday: Share a link to an awesome sale you stumbled upon, a tip for saving money at the grocery store, budgeting tips or questions, or even a photo of something you recently got for an awesome deal! 

I'd love to see you in my Facebook community! Not only will you meet some other awesome women, you will also get exclusive content from me and be the first to know about my new projects!

(If you're on mobile you can click here to get to the group page)

Abby Barstow