The Intentional Mama Course is Coming Soon!

I don't know that I've been this excited about something before, 'cause right now I'm so excited that my insides are shaking and trying to jump to the outside. Does that sound weird? Maybe, but I'm too excited to care all that much. Ha.

Living Intentionally 

Part of building a healthy and happy home is living with intention. Just by desiring to create the home God intends for your family, you're already stepping in the right direction. But setting firm intentions is the best way to start living intentionally and I have the solution to help you get started.

The Intentional Mama E-Course

I have such a passion for helping women be intentional in building their healthy and happy homes, that I have decided to put all of it into an e-course. The Intentional Mama is a 30-day course in setting faith-based intentions and living with purpose, for the homemaking mama. I walk you step by step through making faith-based intentions, you may also call them goals, and how to build your intentions into your life. I also discuss how to plan a purposeful daily routine, how to keep God the focus of your day, exactly what your jobs are as a wife, mom, and homemaker according to the Bible, and so much more!

The course starts next month and registration will open the first week of June and there will be special deals, packages, and discounts leading up to the big course start day. I may even be hosting a webinar to talk about the basics of setting intentions (eeek!!)! You can sign up to stay notified of the special deals and events leading up to the launch day and in return, I have an intentional living resources guide! Sign up here and get your free download, today! Signing up for updates doesn't mean you are promising to purchase the course, it just means you are interested and want more information, so don't fret. I'm excited to connect with you and chat about living intentionally! While you wait for the course to start, you can join my Facebook community for women who live with intention, Healthy, Happy Homes (just between you and me, group members may just get a super special, deeply discounted deal on the course!).