Fitting Your Day In Around God Time I guess it's just a fun sharing time? 7 Days/7 Women of Faith I've been throwing around a topic. 7 Days/7 Women of Faith is a (yup, you guessed it) seven day Bible study on seven inspiring faith
Building a Tent of Meeting
Tent of Meeting was where the faithful met with God. (Tweet that!) The idea of a Tent of Meeting is faith
Women of the Bible Launch + Giveaway
faith study you will learn more about the Bible and be inspired to live an intentional, faith-based
15 Verses to Start Your Day Off Right
5 Apps for Your Bible Study Time
Organize Your Bible Study with a Happy Planner
faith under the faith section. And if you want even more, I’ve created a bundle of amazing printable Bible
How To Do Church with Kids
How to do #church with #kids #motherhood #momlife #churchlife #faith This post contains affiliate faith
Joy in the Bible
faith to mind, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Cool. Be cheerful or
How to Study a Bible Verse
10 Verses to Fight Motherhood Burnout
Understanding Christian Hospitality
12 Ways To Be An Intentional Homemaker
Simple Ways To Bring Jesus Into Your Child's Day
faith there! Three platforms we use for watching faith-based Children's shows are Netflix, Hulu, and there's one thing you should know about me it's that I'm passionate about faith-based intentional living child's day. ways to bring jesus into your child's day 1. Watch Faith-Based Shows There aren't many faith-based children's shows out there, certainly not on public television, but there are options out RightNowMedia. On Netflix really the only faith-based show we watch is VeggieTales, although they don't
Intentional | an Email Course + Bible Study
/7 Women of Faith had a fantastic response and if it's even possible, this one is going to be even you craft your very own faith-based, intention statements to live by. The course begins on Sunday faith Women of Faith study will be available for you to purchase! It will include the content shared in
It's "We" Not "Me": What it Really Means to Become One Flesh
faith-based faith
Serving Joyfully as a Wife + Mom
faith strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful study on joy! You can get it from the resource library by clicking here (look in the faith section
Why Your Baby Needs To Be In Nursery
What is "Faith-Based, Intentional Living?"
faith-based faith What is "Faith-Based, Intentional Living?" mamas to make statements to live by for joyful, faith-based, intentional living.” You can check it on your way to living a faith-based intentional lifestyle. I also like to intentionally add a don’t want to just float through life, we want to purposefully live for Christ. To live a faith-based get started in your faith-based, intentional lifestyle, I’ve put together a quick printable quiz to
Making Grateful Lists
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