Are you tired of…
...fluff-filled Bible studies?
...feeling like you don’t know the details of the Bible?
...Bible studies that are hard to understand?
...feeling like you don't know the "why's" behind the Bible stories?

Imagine if there was a Bible study that was easy to understand and actually taught you facts about the Bible.

Women of the Bible is a 30-day study on thirty women from the Bible and the lessons their stories teach us.

Each study focuses on one woman from the Bible and provides you with an in-depth look at part of their life, the lessons we can learn from it, and historical facts from the time.

This self-paced course studies thirty different women from the Bible and the lessons we can learn from their life. We'll dig deep into not only the teachings of the Bible but also the history of the time period.

We will studying...

> Naomi
> Noah's Wife
> Orpah
> Priscilla
> Rachel
> Rahab
> Ruth
> Sarah
> Vashti
> Zipporah

> Jezebel
> Joanna
> Jochebed
> Leah
> Lydia
> Martha
> Mary of Nazareth
> Mary Magdalene
> Michal
> Miriam

> Abigail
> Anna
> Deborah
> Dorcas
> Elizabeth
> Esther
> Eve
> Gomer
> Hagar
> Hannah

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